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Choke (electronics)

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Choke (electronics) Empty Choke (electronics)

Post by chinhkuqn Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:22 pm

A choke is a coil of insulated wire, often wound on a magnetic core, used as a passive inductor which blocks higher-frequency alternating current (ac) in an electrical circuit while passing signals of much lower frequency and direct current by having an impedance largely determined by reactance, which is proportional to frequency (see Inductor and Inductance). Chokes are typically used as the inductive components in electronic filters.
The name comes from blocking—"choking"—high frequencies while passing low frequencies. It is a functional name; the same inductor is often called a "choke" if used to block higher frequencies, but a "coil" or "inductor" if, say, part of a

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