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Criollo peopleThe Criollo

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Criollo peopleThe Criollo  Empty Criollo peopleThe Criollo

Post by chinhkuqn Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:47 pm

The Criollo class ranked below that of the Iberian Peninsulares, the high-born (yet class of commoners) permanent residence colonists born in Spain. But Criollos were higher status/rank than all other castes—people of mixed descent, Amerindians, and enslaved Africans. According to the casta system, a criollo could have up to 1/8 (one great-grandparent or equivalent) Amerindian, ancestry and not lose social place (see Limpieza de sangre).[1] In the 18th- and early 19th centuries, changes in Madrid's policies towards her colonies (and their polyglot of peoples) led to tensions between the Criollos and the Peninsulares. The growth of indigenous Criollo political and economic strength in their separate colonies coupled with their global geographic distribution, and led them to each evolve a separate (both from each other and Spain) organic national personality and viewpoint. Criollo nationalists were the main supporters of the Sp

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