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conomic imperialism

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conomic imperialism Empty conomic imperialism

Post by fearlove Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:59 am

Economic imperialism (sometimes economics imperialism[1]) in contemporary economics refers to economic analysis of seemingly non-economic aspects of life,[2] such as crime,[3] law,[4] the family,[5] prejudice,[6] tastes,[7] irrational behavior,[8] politics,[9] sociology,[10]culture, [11] religion,[12] war,[13] and science and research.[14]
Its emergence has been attributed to a method that, like that of the physical sciences, permits refutable implications testable by standard statistical techniques.[15][16] Central to that approach are "[t]he combined postulates of maximizing behavior, stable preferences and market equilibrium, applied relentlessly and unflinchingly."[17] These and a focus on economic efficiency, ignored in other social sciences, "have allowed economics to invade intellectual territory that was previously deemed to be outside the discipline’s realm."[16][18]

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