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bital maneuver

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bital maneuver Empty bital maneuver

Post by fearlove Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:41 am

An "impulsive maneuver" is the mathematical model of a maneuver as an instantaneous change in the spacecraft's velocity (magnitude and/or direction) as illustrated in figure 1. In the physical world no truly instantaneous change in velocity is possible as this would require an "infinite force" applied during an "infinitely short time" but as a mathematical model it in most cases describes the effect of a maneuver on the orbit very well. The off-set of the velocity vector after the end of real burn from the velocity vector at the same time resulting from the theoretical impulsive maneuver is only caused by the diffence in gravitational force along the two pathes (red and black in figure 1) which in general is small.
In the planning phase of space missions designers will first approximate their intended orbital changes using impulsive maneuvers what greatly reduces the complexity of finding the co

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