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Center of mass

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Center of mass Empty Center of mass

Post by fearlove Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:41 am

In physics, the center of mass or barycenter of a system is the average location of all of its mass. In the case of a rigid body, the position of the center of mass is fixed in relation to the body. In the case of a loose distribution of masses in free space, such as shot from a shotgun or the planets of the Solar System, the position of the center of mass is a point in space among them that may not correspond to the position of any individual mass.
The use of the mass center often allows the use of simplified equations of motion, and it is a convenient reference point for many other calculations in physics, such as angular momentum or the moment of inertia. In many applications, such as orbital mechanics, objects can be replaced by point masses located at their mass centers for the purposes of analysis. The center of mass frame is an inertial frame in wĘ°

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