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Bernoulli family

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Bernoulli family Empty Bernoulli family

Post by chinhkuqn Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:14 pm

he Bernoullis were a family of traders and scholars from Basel, Switzerland. The founder[clarification needed] of the family, Leon Bernoulli, immigrated to Basel from Antwerp in Flanders in the 16th century, fleeing Spanish oppression.
The Bernoulli family has produced many notable artists and scientists, in particular a number of famous mathematicians in the 18th century:
Jacob Bernoulli (1654–1705; also known as James or Jacques) Mathematician after whom Bernoulli numbers are named.
Nicolaus Bernoulli (1662–1716) Painter and alderman of Basel.
Johann Bernoulli (1667–1748; also known as Jean) Swiss mathematician and early adopter of infinitesimal calculus.
Nicolaus I Bernoulli (1687–1759) Swiss mathematician.
Nicolaus II Bernoulli (1695–1726) Swiss mathematician; worked on curves, differential equations, and probability.
Daniel Bernoulli (1700–1782) Developer of Bernoulli's principle and St. Petersburg paradox.
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