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World government

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World government Empty World government

Post by chinhkuqn Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:47 am

"United States of Earth" redirects here. For the government in the television show Futurama, see Politics in Futurama.
"World empire" and "World State" redirect here. For the computer game, see World Empire. For the World State in Brave New World, see The World State.
This article is about the political concept. For conspiracy theories about world government, see New World Order (conspiracy theory). For other uses, see World government (disambiguation).
World government is the notion of a single common political authority for all of humanity. Its modern conception is rooted in European history, particularly in the philosophy of ancient Greece, in the political formation of the Roman Empire, and in the subsequent struggle between secular authority, represented by the Holy Roman Emperor, and ecclesiastical authority, represented by the Pope. The seminal work on the subject was written by Dante Alighieri, titled in Latin, De Monarchia, which in English translates literally as "On Monarchy". Dante's work was published in 1329, but the date of its authorship is disputed.

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